Welcome to devault css! This suite of open source stylesheets is the suite of open source stylesheets you've been waiting for. We've taken the wisdom of the most successful open-source communities and turned it into a suite of efficient open source stylesheets.

Minimalist, retro, lightweight

Aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics… aesthetics…


Bootstrap compatible

Sourcehut stylesheets are basically a customized version of Bootstrap CSS, with extra classes and colors, and stuff, so, it shouldn't be too hard to learn.


Free as in freedom

Yeah, you're free to use them in your websites, devault css is licensed under MIT. It is also free as in free beer, but you can voluntarily donate to Drew DeVault and pay a Sourcehut plan (I'd really appreciate it!).

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Sourcehut is known for its brutalist design, with its mostly shades-of-gray appearance, conservative color usage, and minimal distractions throughout.

The nav can take you away from this page, but it’s colored a light grey to avoid being distracting and each link is another engineering tool - no marketing material or fluff. Contrast with GitHub: a large, dark, attention grabbing navbar with links to direct you away from the content and towards marketing pages. If you’re logged out, you get a giant sign-up box which pushes the content halfway off the page. Colors here are also distracting: note the large line of colorful avatars that catches your eye despite almost certainly being unrelated to your purpose on this page.

The last important point in sourcehut’s design is the use of icons, or rather the lack thereof. Icons are used extremely conservatively on sr.ht. Interactive icons (things you are expected to click) are never shown without text that clarifies what happens when you click them. Informational icons usually have a tooltip which explains their meaning, and are quite rare - only used in cases where real estate limits the use of text. Assigning an icon to every action or detail is not necessary and would add more distractions to the screen.

— Drew Devaut, Sourcehut's spartan approach to web design




sass scss/base.scss dist/css/base.css


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Credits go mainly to Sourcehut developers, I just extracted the CSS stylesheets and that's it, I don't think I even deserve donations for this, but feel free to donate a small quantity to me. But preferably donate to Drew!

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